Mixed materials and diverse models at VAWK

Spencer Xiong

Spencer Xiong

Spencer Xiong

Interesting that Sunny Fong chose the pristine AGO space for his VAWK show entitled Collision Fungi on the beauty of decay. The collection had a thoroughly precise, polished élan–barely a whiff of the destruction Fong eluded to in program notes.  If the world was falling apart, the Fong woman still dresses as if she has everything under control.

This confidence came through in the opening look–a beige wool skirt suit trimmed in gray fur.  It was formidable ensemble that we’d love to see on a Head of State or woman of influence.   Fong’s assertive angle continued–a super-sharp skirt in pale mushroom had padded peaks poking out from this hip bones, again trimmed in fur.  A number of winning skirts hit that sweet spot between feminine and forward in minx-worthy mixed materials with plenty of leather.  They would be wise investment pieces for a younger career woman who isn’t ready to go completely corporate in a banal suit. Eye-catching styles like a sleek leather jacket that faded into soft wrinkles at the knee and a multi-coloured cropped fur chubby proved Fong knows his way around a stellar coat. That being said, swing-pleat trousers and pants with difficult flaps over the thighs were challenging, while silver spoon jewelry that jangled loudly was a distraction.

Fong’s business partner Ben Barry is a well known advocate for size, age and race diversity in fashion.  With his expertise (and eponymous modeling agency), the show confirmed that beauty isn’t one note.  Plus size models were not poured into ill-fitting garments, but rather, dressed in a flattering ivory coat cinched at the waist or a skimming dress.

As the show came to a close, a model strutted out in a sinuous black leather and fur bustier dress.  You could tell she felt like the best dressed woman in the room.  For a brief moment, she was indeed.