Photo by George Pimentel

Without a doubt, the most common question I get every week is how to get a job at FLARE. One of the best ways to break into the magazine or fashion industries is through an internship.

Editorial internships at FLARE – and most other magazines from my experience – are three month part-time positions for students in related post-secondary programs. Our opportunities are divided into different departments—art, copy, beauty, web, entertainment and fashion. We generally have one intern per department but as many as five will help in our fashion merchandise room at busy shoot times. Summer is always frantic since we’re producing our major fall issues.

Before applying – you’ll find all of the details at – consider your career goals: If you love writing profiles and reviews, our features and entertainment editors will expose you to story planning and interview techniques; if you’re fascinated by beauty products, our beauty team need help managing the flood of new launches we receive every week; if you’re detail oriented and love writing, our copy department is the best place to explore.

You’ll gain invaluable experience seeing how a magazine is put together – from the pressures of deadlines to the stress of producing a 10 page fashion shoot. One major point, though, is that most internships (and those here at FLARE) are unpaid. But consider it to be part of your education. I would estimate that half of my team have been hired via an internship. My entire fashion team – including Elizabeth Cabral, our Fashion Director – is made up of former interns.

When I hired Liz as my assistant, I was at Chatelaine. I called the editors at FLARE and asked who they would recommend. Liz topped their list – and we’ve worked together ever since. Hard to believe it’s been at least 11 years now. All of my senior editors value our interns – we couldn’t produce the magazine without them.

Oh, and check out the illustrations on pages 98 and 137 in our May issue. They’re both by our latest art department intern, Rachael Meckling.

When entry-level positions come up, we always look to our past interns first. Who stood out? Who was eager, enthusiastic, bright and hard-working? I’ve never been disappointed after hiring a star intern.

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