A stylish September

A stylish September

Locker Style

  • Magnetic appeal. Think magnetic picture frames, and hooks for keeping your locker cute and organized.
  • Don’t forget an air freshener, or at the very least a scented dryer sheet tucked at the back of the locker to keep everything sweet. Great for your gym locker too!

Bar magnetic rack, $1.99, Ikea.
SpaceMaker 4 drawer cubes, $14.99, Staples.

Desk 101

  • Keep everything as clean and simple as possible. Using a laptop will instantly give you more space and keep only on your desk what you’ll need right away.
  • Think outside the box – bathroom sets that include a cup and containers can be used for pens and paper clips.
  • Keep all your electrical cords as organized as possible too, too many crossed wires and extension cords can get messy and dangerous so you might want to label each cord with a twist tie and luggage tag and find something like the Philips Power Squid to keep it all stylishly in check.
  • Wall mount a notice board for snapshots, notes and reminders.

Surge 3000 Calamari Surge Protector, Powersquid. (
Luns writing/magnetic board, $24.99, Ikea.

Jazz up your space

  • Up the look of your room with peel and stick (and removable) decals.
  • Shop for snazzy printed cotton throws that can hide a messy bed or give an ugly chair an instant makeover.
  • Most dorm rooms have twin sized beds. Ikea has the hugest and most colourful selection, and for Twin XL beds try, Linens N Things, or hit a Target if you’re heading to school in the US. Rolling plastic crates for under-bed storage will also keep clutter at bay from stores like Ikea or Zellers.

Daisy wall sticks, $24.95, Blik. (
Life in the 21st Matryoshka Doll, $28,
and Crewel Zebra pillows, $32, Urban Outfitters.

Bathroom Survival

  • Using a washable mesh bag for all your bathroom gear means you’ll be able to hang it on the back of your door to let everything air dry after a trip to the showers.
  • Pick up good quality travel sized bottles and containers for all your cosmetic products; it’ll save you lugging that giant bottle of shampoo.
  • Buy good quality towels in colours (not white!) to save you from worrying too much about bleaching your laundry.
  • Don’t forget flip-flops, like colourful Havianas, for keeping your feet germ free

Margaridas, $22.99, Havaianas. (

Arren’s top websites for Back to School style:

Urban Outfitters,
Home Depot,
Linens N Things,