A Day in the Life of Lisa Tant


Just another “typical” Thursday night – I’m at the P&G Beauty Awards with Joeffer Caoc (where FLARE’s Elizabeth Cabral won Best Fashion Editor!)

Last week, a student asked me to describe a “typical day”. The fact that I don’t have one is one of the (many) reasons why I love being editor-in-chief of FLARE. When I was a kid, I could set my watch by my Dad’s work habits. I knew what time his bus departed and returned. He rarely traveled or went out at night. He had a classic 9 to 5 career – a ‘regular’ job I figured – kind of boring (and one he hated) but that was normal, or so I thought.

Lucky for me, no two weeks are the same. I’m usually at the office by 8:30am (earlier when we’re on deadline) and I rarely get home before 6pm. I’m out a minimum of three nights a week attending everything from new product launches to fashion shows to black tie dinners. In October (one of my busiest months) I was home for dinner a grand total of five nights – including weekends. That’s a great schedule for a Type A personality like me, but not so good if you love to spend time with family and friends. The idea of going to a movie mid-week sounds like fun – I can’t remember the last time I did that!

How involved am I in FLARE’s day-to-day activities? Very. I approve every assignment before it’s offered. Then I read every piece of text several times and review every layout before the editors make their notes. I write features when I can – not as often as I’d like – but I’ve got a designer profile and cover story coming up in the spring. And while we’re looking for a new fashion writer, I’ll be working on fashion copy, too. (And I write my blog at home at night.)

One day may involve time out of the office – lunch with PR people, designer studio visits, product launches, talking to students – while the next may be back-to-back with FLARE meetings (brainstorms, cover plans, web updates) and corporate meetings. Scheduling can be a nightmare. Last week, a stranger asked me when he could take me out for dinner to pick my brain about business ideas. Uh, how about never?, I wanted to respond. (No, I wasn’t that rude but I simply don’t have time.)

But I’m not complaining. My job also involves monthly travel. In October, I spent ten days in Paris at Fashion Week. This month, I’m going to New York twice. Travel gives me time to think, absorb new ideas, meet new people and refresh my energy – something that we all need to take more time to do.

I’ll be back again next week. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter at

Photo: George Pimentel