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The Latest Celeb It Bag Is Used—and We're So Here for It

Because what's old is cool again

Bella Hadid shopping for flowers

Bella and her Prada (Photo: Getty)

It all started when Bella Hadid was spotted wearing a Prada nylon mini bag in the summer. Then, Kendall Jenner stepped out with a retro Louis Vuitton in October. Suddenly, designer vintage bags are *everywhere.* But these aren’t your standard luxury resale accessories. What we mean is, yes, they’re high-end pieces but, no, they’re not the kind of bag your mom is coveting.

These ‘it’ bags have serious ’90s vibes, and an exclusive cool factor that adds edge to almost any outfit. They’re meant to be worn as loud statement pieces: Some of the most sought-out styles are completely plastered in house logos. Think: Dior, Gucci and Fendi. Others are classics with a twist, like unexpected fabrics or neon colours—like suped up Hermès and Prada.

The woman behind their popularity is stylist Mimi Cuttrell. She’s the same fashion visionary who put a PVC Birkin bag on the arm of Ariana Grande back in August, and she’s the brains behind Gigi Hadid’s November Chanel shoulder piece. 

So why is vintage such a big thing right now? For stylists, celebs and the rest of us, it’s a way to keep things interesting. Like mixing high and low, adding vintage into your wardrobe takes balance to get it right. It’s not something everyone else is going to be wearing, so it really stands out. Plus, buying used just so happens to be more eco-friendly too.

But finding a great designer vintage bag takes some work—you can’t just roll into your fave department store to find “the one.” Rather, you’ll have to dig deep on the internet to search out the best brands, styles and price points. We’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you, tracking fown some of the best vintage ’90s and ’00s designer bags available now. All you have to do is scroll through.


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