Steve Madden Slinky Slides Are Back—and Giving Us All the Feels

The '90s fashion obsession just doesn't want to quit

90s fashion trends like the Steve Madden Slinky slide are back

Steve Madden Women’s Black Slinky, $70,

Just when we thought the obsession with ’90s fashion trends was finally going to bed, the style we’ve all been waiting for has come back to life. Steven Madden has resurrected their infamous “slinky” platform slides. And we’re freaking out. Below, our editors recall their best memories of the iconic sandal.

Girl Power
“I remember being a preteen in the nineties and begging my mom to buy me a pair of platform sandals. We were on a family vacation with a bunch of her friends and their families when I saw the pair I had to have. If I showed up to dinner in these, the other kids would know I was fun, had style and feel as though a Spice Girl was in their midst. Mom bought them but insisted I hold off on wearing them. Of course, I couldn’t do that. How was I going to become the trip’s Geri if I showed up to dinner in sneakers? However, I didn’t realize that the restaurant we were headed to was a long walk away. My new shoes ended up giving me blisters, and I could barely keep up with the group because I was in pain. Still, every time I looked down at my sandals I thought, “Girl power!”—Erica Cupido, staff writer

The Walmart Knockoffs
“I was desperate for a pair of these to wear to our school dance, but my babysitting money didn’t cover them at the time—so I bought a knockoff style from Walmart for $7. A few months later I splurged on the “real thing” but my Walmart foam version were way more comfy!”Vanessa Taylor, style director

“I loved these Steve Madden slides then and, TBH, I may actually love them even more now (I’m a sucker for nostalgia factor). When the OGs first hit the mall, my BFF was quick to snap them up and, not wanting to step on her toes, I opted for a slightly different version from Aldo (or was it Pegabo? RIP…) with a sand-coloured band. They legit went with EVERYTHING, especially my treasured beige cropped knit halter. Yep, we were the coolest duo on the block. But, seriously, don’t ask us to actually walk anywhere.” —Charlotte Herrold, managing editor

Point and Pose
“It was the time of the Spice Girls which, for me, meant emulating Posh Spice and shuffling around my bedroom, moodily practicing dance moves (read: point finger and strike a pose) and listening to Spice World on repeat.”—Ally Dean, fashion and beauty editor

“I think mine may have been Steve Madden knock-offs. They were my absolute favourite shoes … right up until the moment a friend of my mum’s asked if they were orthopaedic.”—Alison Eastwood, editor-in-chief

Cool Girl Status
“I most definitely owned a pair of these. They made me feel like a cool girl for the first time in my life. Couldn’t walk in them if my life depended on it, though.”—Alexandra Gater, assistant home editor

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