Move Over It Girls, Stylish Guys Are The New Fashion Muse

From celeb spawn to gender-bending rapper to random NYC Upper West Sider, check out these (mostly teenaged) icons-in-the-making for some fresh looks and killer inspo

FASH_Boys_Inpost2Jaden Smith a.k.a. @christiaingrey

Age: 18

Aesthetic: Fashion Rave Kid

Signature pieces: Denim jacket, MSFT sweater, cap

When Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are your parental units, you’re pretty much destined for fashion epic-ness. Known for bold high-fashion meets Fresh Prince looks, not to mention masterful gender fluidity (flashback to when he totally slayed that skirt for Louis Vuitton’s spring ’16 campaign), Smith has earned the title of bona fide fashion darling. He’s also using his fashion powers for good—lately he’s been spotted carrying around a Just Water bottle as an accessory to draw attention to the plastic pollution issue. Also, hydration = major key.



FASH_Boys_Inpost6Kai Suteja a.k.a. @urmumsyadad

Age: 22

Aesthetic: Straight-up dad

Signature pieces: Grandfathers turtleneck, trousers, Oxfords

This Australian powerhouse is what #OOTD dreams are made of. He slays topcoats for the modern man, whilst making norm core seem cheeky in cropped trousers and retro tees. Plus we dig his flare for ’00s MS Paint inspired IG pics. He’s not afraid to rock double braids, wear socks with sandals or casually nerd out on disco. Not to mention: ultimate #hairgoals.



FASH_Boys_Inpost5Luka Raubenheimer a.k.a. @luka.r_films

Age: 20

Aesthetic: Quirky surfer dude

Signature pieces: T-shirts, jeans, quirky socks

A model/actor/director/artist and (may we say) awesome dancer, Raubenheimer is as social-media-dreamy as they come—hello young Leonardo DiCaprio! His look blends Aussie sk8er boi with wacky comedian next door, so essentially irresistible and irresistible. Bonus: he and Suteja are BFFs and creative partners so they regularly make cameos on each others feeds.



FASH_Boys_Inpost1Lil Yachty a.k.a. @lilyachty

Age: 19

Aesthetic: ’90s hip-hop god

Signature pieces: Windbreaker, Supreme tee, diamonds on his neck

Yachty brings the spunk with his low-key straight fire looks every damn time. A proponent of combining fly AF vintage with luxe labels and his signature red braids, he’s never not flexing his mad creative skills. Need proof he’s a fashion icon in the making—the rapper was recently cast for the campaign of the new Nautica x Urban Outfitters collab, which, by the way, you need in your life.



FASH_Boys_Inpost3Luka Sabbat a.k.a. @lukasabbat

Age: 18

Aesthetic: Supreme skate crew

Signature pieces: Topcoat, vintage tee, Off-White belt

As the editor-at-large for VFiles WOMB Magazine, the Kanye West collaborator and soon-to-be jewellery designer, model Sabbat is #stylegoals and #careergoals wrapped up into one. Dubbed “the Internet’s coolest teenager,” his look combines the best of streetwear, skate and the occasional badass fur.



FASH_Boys_Inpost4Michael Hope a.k.a @miketheruler

Age: 16

Aesthetic: Streetwear gamer

Signature pieces: Graphic tee, funky pant, Raf Simons kicks

Hope achieved fashion muse status at the age of 13 when his IG, which documents his love of brands like Rick Owens, Supreme and Hood By Air, went viral. A legit child prodigy of style (watch out Tavi) Mike The Ruler counts fashion heavy hitters like Sabbat and Lorde (NBD) as pals and has been featured in New York Magazine, Dazed Digital, Complex and Hypebeast. These days, at 16, he continues to rule social media with his streetwear meets 2000’s hacker vibes.



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