5 Ways to Clean Up Your Closet

Before you go fall shopping, follow our five easy steps to wardrobe Zen

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Closet
5 Ways to Clean Up Your Closet

Photo by Rebecca Fraser

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Closet

Photo by Rebecca Fraser

Having a well-organized closet will ensure that all of your covetable pieces won’t loose their lustre. By going through your current wardrobe, you can assess what you already have and determine the key pieces needed for a perfectly versatile fall look.

Tip 1: Chic organizers like this clever hanging little black dress from Umbra keep your jewelry and small accessories little black-dress-ready. Make sure to look for organizers that offer clear panels for easy viewing.

Tip 2: Order your closet by colour, then style. If you wear a lot of dresses, make sure you have plenty of long hanging space. Adding a double hanging rod to other sections you access the bottom row for skirts and pants. The best part about adding this type of fixture is its flexibility and minimal installation.    

Tip 3: Update your hangers. Making the switch to wood or velvet hangers (available at Ikea or Winners)  boasts a perk: the wider hanger will help support the shoulders in your blazers and jackets keeping them looking great. Plus your closet will feel more boutique-like and less haphazard when all hangers match.

Tip 4: Utilize the space under your bed as storage. This is a prime spot for gym clothes, knits (with cedar balls to ward off pesky moths) or winter-wear and is the best option for freeing up valuable hanging space.

Tip 5: Here’s your closet therapy shopping list:
S Hooks: are great hangers for scarves, necklaces and belts to keep them in view
Clear Shoe Boxes: keep dressier and winter shoes still in view but protected from the every day
Garment Bags: beaded and precious clothing stays protected
Labelling Tabs: Always know exactly what’s on the top shelf
Hanging Fabric Shelves: Provide added shelving

–Rebecca Fraser