5 Things We Love About Chasse Gardée

The Toronto shoe shop adds a sweet new treat to the mix

5 Things We Love About Chase Gardée 5 Things We Love About Chase Gardée 5 Things We Love About Chase Gardée 5 Things We Love About Chase Gardée

Just blocks away from ultra cool hotels like The Gladstone and The Drake, lives must-stop shop Chasse Gardée. While the space itself is nothing new, this week’s petite breakfast was the first time the boutique added sweet treats to it’s shopping experience.

While munching on freshly baked pastries and sipping on an early morning mimosa, we toured the store’s newest fall pieces and fell head over heels for Chasse Gardée’s new season favourites:

1. With exclusive rights to exciting brands, such as Jenni Kane, LD Tuttle, Iman Tolou, and Beau Coops for Karen Walker, the stylish shop offers interesting pieces nobody will have seen before.

2. Owner Daniela Bosco is always around to offer expert advice, such as tips on how to shop for a Jeffrey Campbell shoe. Those stunners aren’t just for fashion bloggers!

Adding sweet treats to the mix, the store will host an event each month featuring bakers Preety Mudhar and Patti Robinson. The next in-store baking event is set for September 24.

4. One of Chasse Gardée’s top shoe labels is Finsk, a London-based brand that was once hard to find in Canada but now available with a variety of styles.

5. The boutique is another reason why Queen West is known for its eclectic stores offering Toronto’s most unique finds.