5 Minutes With: Designer Erin Kleinberg

Since before her days as one half of the Coveteur website, we’ve been longtime fans of Erin Kleinberg, the designer. And now that she’s shifted focus back to her namesake collection, FLARE sat down with the designer to discover what’s in store and why she chose now to become an independent woman

1.  You’ve chosen to return to your own line. Why and why now? 
I truly missed designing; creating, and dressing women. I love when a woman feels amazing in something I have made. I took a hiatus from my line in early 2011 when I launched The Coveteur. I was recently married to my husband in Palm Springs, and having him in my life is a game-changer. Being with him through this transition has made me stronger than ever, and I am already stoked to get going on Spring 2015!

Image 12.   You’ve gone into closets like Jessica Alba, Joanna Hillman and Miranda Kerr.  Would you trade with any or do you still prefer your own?
It’s funny you mention Miranda Kerr, because normally I am gawking over all of these ladies’ gorgeous gear, but Kerr was the odd man out. She wanted my wardrobe. She loved my Zoe Chicco pave diamond V lariat so much that I had to give it to her. She then went on about my Zara dress and Calvin Klein bra. Let’s just say I almost left Miranda Kerr’s house naked!

I love my wardrobe because it’s distinctly mine. BUT, if I had to swap with anyone, it would probably be Nevena Borissova, owner of Curve, Simone Harouche, Nicole Richie, or Erin Wasson. And definitely fellow Canuck Jessica DeRuiter – I am obsessed with her style. After profiling near 400 closets on The Coveteur, it’s tough to pick just one!

3. Your collection is a line of luxe basics. Do you believe basics should be the foundation of every wardrobe?
I feel like I have seen first hand how real women like to curate their wardrobes. My takeaways are that women want to live edited. This is the area I want to be in. It’s the clothing they couldn’t wait to put on once we photographed them.

Image 24. Who is the Erin Kleinberg girl?
She’s a girl like Giorgia Tordini, the Italian beauty who is featured in my Fall 2014 lookbook. Those cheekbones! She fully embodies the Erin Kleinberg girl. The vibe is very laid back. I think the girl pays attention to fashion, but it doesn’t dictate her life.

5. Where do you draw style inspiration?
I am clearly inspired by street style. That’s why I started The Coveteur! I was dying to see what else editors had in their closets aside from what they were shot in on that day. I love seeing how people put things together, what they think is chic. I take my iPhone everywhere, and take as many pics as I can.

We asked Erin where she sees herself in five years. With plans for expansion in fashion, we were surprised (and excited) to hear interior design may be next. It feels about time to open your closet doors, and make room for Erin Kleinberg.