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5 Fashion Tips From Celebrity Stylist Cristina Ehrlich

Cristina Ehrlich has dressed Hollywood heavyweights like Penelope Cruz, Anna Kendrick and Tina Fey. Here, her top tips for a successful shopping trip

Celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich (Photo: courtesy Marshalls)

Celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich (Photo: Courtesy of Marshalls)

Celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich knows her stuff: we doubt leading ladies like Penelope Cruz, Anna Kendrick and Tina Fey (to name a few) would trust her if she didn’t. And now, she’s bringing her styling sense to us normal people via a partnership with Marshalls, where she curated three different collections of celeb-inspired spring/summer looks. We caught up with New York–based Ehrlich while she was showing off those collections in Toronto, and asked her to share her best fashion tips.

1. Stay true to your style… “Women constantly second-guess themselves, or they look at a piece and can’t envision whether it will work for their body type, and they give up. If you’re a really classic, basic dresser, who likes to wear shirts that button down the front with the sleeves rolled up with a great pair of jeans, don’t go to the asymmetrical top or the halter-neck mini dress. Go where it’s comfortable.”

2. …but try new things—with a friend. “It’s fun for women to go out there and try things they haven’t before. If you can go to somewhere like Marshalls with a friend who is really open and honest and walk around and pull clothes for an hour and try things that you would never normally try on, that’s a way to learn more about your body type and what might work.”

3. Know what you’re looking for. “Unless you’re just shopping out of pure boredom and have endless time and funds, it’s a really good idea—especially in a Marshalls or a store that could have an overwhelming environment—to really think through what your closet is missing and what you’re trying to achieve.”

4. Break the rules. “It’s great when someone says it’s so not cool to do something and then you pull it off.”

5. Find a great tailor. “Women sometimes buy things too small, or things that aren’t right for their body type. It’s also about understanding that if you get a new piece, you might have to get it altered or adjusted a bit. I have a couple of friends who spend a lot of money on clothes, and they’re always altering and changing them.” 

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