5 Discoveries Inside The New Schiaparelli & Prada Book

Flip through the pages of the new must-have tome

5 Discoveries Inside The New Schiaparelli & Prada Book 5 Discoveries Inside The New Schiaparelli & Prada Book 5 Discoveries Inside The New Schiaparelli & Prada Book

We’re calling this the must-have book of the season! Hot off the press and into our hands, here’s your first look at the Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations tome created by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, available May 31. The 192-pg book coincides with the opening of the new exhibit on May 10.

1.  Canadian Connection: Jessica Stam and Meghan Collison model some of Prada’s greatest pieces in the new book. From an unrecognizable Stam with new brunette locks to Collison’s nine-page opener, we’re happy to see these homegrown talents taking centre stage in the must-have tome.

2.  Art of Conversation: The striking images are laid out in a compare and contrast manner placing creations from both designers side by side. Mini booklets are tucked along the break, each holding an excerpt from a faux conversation between Schiaparelli and Prada.

3.  The Transcript: Curators Andrew Bolton and Harold Koda achieved the impossible “conversation” by providing Prada with quotes from Schiaparelli’s edited thoughts found in her autobiography “Shocking Life.”

4.  The State of Art: Whether they would be friends or not, one key issue placed both designers at opposite ends of the fashion sphere. To Prada, “the definition of art is irrelevant today, thus obliterating the hierarchy of all creative processes,” shared Andrew Bolton and Harold Koda, but to Schiaparelli fashion is art. A flip through the book (and soon to be exhibit) will highlight this disagreement.

5.  The Book Comes To Life
: Nothing will be more thrilling than to walk through the new exhibit at the MET in New York. See the key pieces come to life beginning May 10. Here’s a peek inside the exhibition!

Click here to see 24 images from the new book.

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