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Wicker Bags Are the Summer Trend We Will Never Let Die

Shop our 10 absolute faves

A group of women with wicker bags

From left: FLARE contributors Lora Grady, Katherine Singh, Emma Tonellato and Emily Rivas (Photo: Eric Putz)

We all have individual style at FLARE, but some days we get to work and everyone’s wearing basically the same thing. Introducing What We Wore Wednesdays, the *official* documentation of our current fashion obsessions—follow us on IG for even more updates on what we’re feeling. They say three’s a trend, and we say lean in.

Wicker bags are all over Instagram, so it’s probably not news that they’re are having a huge moment right now—and, for real, they’re one of our all-time favourite summer staples. A lot of IG trends are honestly kind of sus or generally hard to pull off, but wicker bags are almost impossible to screw up. They’re also light, versatile and instantly make you look like you’re on your way to a picnic. In short, we stan.

Another reason to get one ASAP? Wicker bags will totally have staying power. Yes, the warmer months are their peak season—pair one with a summer dress and you’ve instantly got a breezy one-and-done outfit—but as the weather inevitably gets colder (*cries*), coupling wicker bags with your low-temp looks will keep at least part of you feeling summer-y.

Below, you’ll find 10 of our fave wicker bags to wear with basically anything in your wardrobe. Happy picnicking!


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