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White Sneakers Are Officially a Wardrobe Must-Have

Behold, your low-key outfit heroes

A close-up of three pairs of white sneakers worn by three women sitting on a grey couch

(Photo: Erik Putz)

We all have individual style at FLARE, but some days we get to work and everyone’s wearing basically the same thing. Introducing What We Wore Wednesdays, the *official* documentation of our current fashion obsessions—follow us on IG for even more updates on what we’re feeling. They say three’s a trend, and we say lean in.

Wearing white is underrated. There, we said it. White goes with everything, and it reflects light. So if you’re looking to put a spring in your step, we really can’t recommend white shoes enough.

Specifically, white sneakers are the low-key heroes of any wardrobe: They’ll make every outfit (and therefore every day) brighter, you can wear them year round and they are mad comfy. They also look just as good with a prairie dress as they do with a jumpsuit. The only con is that they inevitably get dirty—but there are actually tons of easy hacks for how to clean white shoes and keep them sparkling, so there’s really nothing stopping you from wearing them every damn day.

Here are are a few of our fave white sneakers to shop now, including some under-the-radar brands you won’t see every second person on the street wearing. Because we love Stan Smiths, but sometimes you just want to be special.


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