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10 Pairs of Cute Spring Boots That Will Keep Your Feet Dry

Because spring in Canada is wet and messy

Springtime in Canada comes in phases. There’s the slush phase, the cold-but-dry phase, the surprise-snowstorm phase and then, finally, the April-showers-that-happen-in-May phase. It’s confusing and frustrating and can dampen both spirits and footwear. And while we’re certainly going to be out in the elements significantly less this year thanks to social distancing, a pair of runway-approved waterproof spring boots will keep you feeling cute—plus prevent salt stains, wet socks and cold feet—on your daily dog walk or weekly grocery run.

And it just so happens rubber boots are totally a *thing* this season. At the fall 2020 runway shows, Alexander McQueen and Versace showed chunky rubber soled takes on Chelsea boots. Prada’s thick-soled, rubberized boots in pastel shades looked perfect for Easter in Canada. And Brunello Cucinelli’s collection included pale pink rubber boots paired with ankle-length, floaty chiffon skirts. In fact, all of these designer boots were worn with skirts on the runway, proving that wellies aren’t just for jeans (or Kate-Moss-at-Glastonbury cut-offs).

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A sleek pair of rubber Chelsea boots are the perfect between-seasons footwear that basically goes with anything—and can be worn again come fall. Not into the Chelsea silhouette? Lace-up combat or hiking boot styles (one of 2020’s top trends) can also become daily basics.

Caring For Your Rubber Boots

While rubber boots are great for wet weather, they’re not impervious to damage or scuffs. To keep them clean, you can buy specific rubber care products or simply wipe them clean with cool, soapy water. Never use strong chemicals or solvents on your boots, and always let them dry naturally. Heat can damage rubber so keep them out of the sun and away from vents or radiators. Need to repair a scuff mark? An eraser or a bit of toothpaste can help.

Some types of rubber boots, like Hunters, can “bloom,” meaning that they get a white powdery finish. Hunter has a product for that, or they suggest using a little olive or vegetable oil on a clean, dry cloth to return your boots to their shining glory.

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Ready to shop spring boots? Check out our top picks below.