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10 Utility Clothing Picks That'll Work As Hard As You

Utility clothes will work as hard as you do

Two women wearing tan/brown utility clothes sit on a couch and smile at each other

(Photo: Erik Putz)

We all have individual style at FLARE, but some days we get to work and everyone’s wearing basically the same thing. Introducing What We Wore Wednesdays, the *official* documentation of our current fashion obsessions—follow us on IG for even more updates on what we’re feeling. They say three’s a trend, and we say lean in.

ICYMI, the utility trend—think: earthy(ish) and neutral(ish) colours and strong silhouettes, but make it fun—is the most functional, hard-working trend to come along in a while. Put on a pair of cargo pants and it’s like, who is she? She is ready. She is capable AF. So toss some khakis into the ol’ cart (at an affordable price, of course) and get ready to get shit done. Because the grind never stops, and neither do you. Or at least, neither do your clothes.

Shop the cutest utility picks below.


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