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Resale Fashion Is Expected to Overtake the Fast Fashion Industry By 2028

Maybe we're not doomed after all!

When big media outlets like CNBC cover stories like “Fast-fashion retailers like Zara and H&M have a new threat: the $24 billion used clothes market” it gives a glimmer of hope that world may be all right after-all, if we all just take our cues from today’s young people, who are increasingly saying “no thanks” to brands with unsustainable manufacutring processes. CNBC’s reporting predicts the resale clothing market—i.e. vintage, consignment and rental services—will reach a valuation of $64 billion US by 2028, eclipsing fast fashion sales by $20 billion. (That’s a lot of cold hard cash, yo!)

Sustainability is essentially tablestakes these days when it comes to clothing brands—Gen Z-ers practically demand that the companies they support have some element of thoughtful sustainability, or they won’t go anywhere near them. In fact, according to a study by 3BL Media, 90% of those born between the years 1995 and 2014 are interested in buying from a company or brand that is addressing social issues and their environmental impact. That shows just how savvy and forward-thinking this generation truly is. We only have to look to Nobel Prize nominee Greta Thunberg to see just how serious the kids are these days. (We are SO here for it!)

Innovation in the fashion space is also the name of the game: Two of our favourite new launches come from the subscription box world. Dresst is a monthly clothing service that sends you three pieces of your choice (think Equipment blouses and Tanya Taylor dresses) to rent each month. When your time is up, simply send it all back, they’ll dry clean the items and send you three new picks. There’s also Curated Thrift, where you complete a short survey, and every month they send over two second hand items to suit your personal style. Yasssss!

In 2019, it’s certainly a welcome change to see that fashion lovers now have options galore when looking for new, unique pieces to add to their closet. Here are just a few of our favourite eco-friendly things, from sustainable newness to vintage and resale beauties—in case you need any coaxing.


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