8 Insta-Ready Prom Makeup Looks You'll Love

Take your inspo from these Insta-famous artists and influencers

As the culmination of your high school experience, prom is the perfect opportunity to showcase who you became in the four years since you started. A lot has changed since you first set foot in those hallways, and your tastes have developed. Not only is saying goodbye to these years is a big milestone, it’s also a lot of fun! And while your choice of prom dress will always be the focal point of your look, your prom makeup look can be equally expressive. Whether you choose to keep it classic or follow the lead of your favourite beauty vloggers with an on-trend look like burgundy makeup or topical vibes, the most important thing to keep in mind is staying true to yourself. And if you’re worried about photos looking dated in 30 years time, don’t be. Prom style should be evocative of a time and place, and a special one at that. Here are eight on-trend makeup styles to inspire your prom look this year.

Burgundy Makeup

Consider burgundy the edgy middle sister to classic red and baby pink. Wearing it means you’re anything but obvious. This underrated shade can be worn on lips for an effect that’s as dramatic as it is cool. Or, try it on eyes for a warmed-up take on the mysterious smoky eye that’s perfect for prom night.


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Neon Eyeshadow

When it comes to prom eyeshadow looks, you can colour me wild. With a rainbow of neon brights to choose from, why not make a statement with a vivid blue, green or violet? Prom is a special occasion that calls for going all out. Sticking to one shade will keep it classic for prom, or mix in a couple for a Technicolor finish to your high school years.


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Nude Makeup

Sometimes it pays to keep it simple, especially when it comes to a day you’re going to remember for your entire life. Simple prom makeup involves highlighting your favourite features in a way that makes them pop without really adding too much drama. Think: neutral tones in soft, velvety textures done with a light hand for an au naturel finish.


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Sunset Eyes

Riding off into the sunset is the universal symbol for a fairy-tale ending, so channelling that vibe at the end of high school is totally fitting. To get sunset-inspired makeup for prom, look for eyeshadow in warm tones of pink, orange and yellow or even gold. There’s a reason why they call it magic hour.


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Tropical Makeup

What comes after prom? Summer vacation! Get a head start on your holiday with a prom makeup look inspired by the promise of the tropics. Fresh, glowing skin and a pop of lip colour give your prom makeup look a relaxed breath of fresh air.


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Embellished Everything

When being extra is your favourite extracurricular, prom is the day to present your final project. Adding embellishments like stickers to your prom makeup is a one-of-a-kind way to wear an enhancement that, while you might not wear it every day, highlights your sparkling personality. Time to shine bright like a diamond.


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Smoky Eyes

A smoky eye will forever be the ultimate in formal-event makeup (see: Angelina Jolie on any red carpet), including your prom. Practice makes perfect when applying this look, as it’s easy to slip into racoon-eyes territory. Blending the edges of your eye makeup will soften the look, while using a primer and setting spray will keep everything in place.


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Pink Makeup

Pretty in pink is always a good choice and spans a spectrum of styles from soft and sweet to eye-catching and intense. As a prom staple, this colour can add a flush to lips, cheeks and even as a statement-making eye look. Wherever you apply it, choose your hue of pink by finding an undertone that best suits your complexion.


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