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11 Body-Positive Swimwear Brands That Will Make You Feel Amazing

Because every body is a beach body

As summer slowly fades away (*cries*), you may feel like shopping for a new swimsuit to make the most of the last sunny weeks we have left.

We rounded up ten brands that not only make amazing suits, but do it with a focus on body positivity and size inclusion. Thanks to much-needed improvements in the industry, and the realization that “beach bodies” are just bodies on the beach (duh), it wasn’t too much of a challenge to find cute suits that run up to a size 28.

What we did find challenging was sourcing adaptive swimwear, made for people with physical disabilities who might face difficulties putting on a conventional suit, or even finding one that fits their body shape. We did manage to source one brand that makes a cute adaptive swimsuit, but this is definitely a corner of the market that needs some serious attention. (Are you listening, swimwear brands?)

Scroll through to check out our picks for this year’s best body-positive swimwear.


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