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This New, Super Affordable Sheet Mask Is 3-D Printed & Completely Customizable

It's called MaskiD, and it's coming to a drugstore near you this fall

The new Neutrogena 3D printed mask

(Photo: Courtesy Neutrogena)

If you were wondering what kind of magical beauty prods 2019 will bring us, Neutrogena is kicking things off with its incoming innovation: a 3-D printed mask that’s completely customizable to both your skin’s needs and your face shape.

It’s called MaskiD, and it will officially debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week.

Sure, customizable products aren’t super new; 2018 seemed to be the year that beauty brands realized everyone’s skin is different, with a bounty of new serums, moisturizers and masks with ingredients that could be tailored to whatever you’re trying to correct. But, what makes this mask different is that, along with customized ingredients, you’ll get a bespoke shape that will perfectly form to the contours of your face—a feature that anyone who has struggled with getting sheet masks to stay put will appreciate. The price point separates it from other customizable products, too. Although Neutrogena hasn’t revealed the exact cost, the company has confirmed that it’ll be in keeping with its usual wallet-friendly drugstore pricing.

Here’s how it works. You’ll download the MaskiD app, and then take a selfie with your phone’s 3-D camera (available on iPhone 7 Plus and higher). The app will capture things like the curves of your face and the location of your facial features, so the mask fits just right. Then, you’ll enter skin concerns for six different areas: your forehead, the skin around your eyes, your cheeks, your nose, your nasolabial folds (the lines that run from your nostrils to the corner of your mouth) and your chin.

After this, the app prompts the production of your tailor-made mask, complete with a specific combination of the available active ingredients (including  hyaluronic acid for hydration, anti-inflammatory niacinamide, redness-reducing feverfew, stabilized vitamin C for brightening and N-Acetyl Glucosamine to reduce the appearance of fine lines) in the six sections of the mask as they’re needed. Your mask will arrive in the mail; the app will also store all of your information, so you can keep ordering more or adjust your ingredients as your skin’s needs change.

Additional details, including official Canadian launch date, price and how long it will take for a mask to manufacture and ship aren’t available yet. But you can can register for updates at as of January 6 to stay on top of it all.


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