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The Best Sweatsuits to Work From Home In

Don't worry, they're Zoom appropriate

For some, choosing your work outfit is a daily pick-me-up; a form of self-expression, something to look forward to, and a means of motivation. There’s something about slipping out of your oversized sleep tee and into a crisp new outfit for the day. So…what happens when your office is actually the desk tucked into the corner of your apartment? WTF do you wear when working from home? And quick Q: What do you wear when WFH is going to be your MO for the foreseeable future? Enter: The Sweatsuit.

Formerly  associated with softball coaches and your mom in the early ’90s, the sweatsuit has had a glow-up of sorts; going from something only Princess Diana could make look cool to the “it” clothing item, worn by celebs like Hailey Bieber and *all* of the Kardashians on the reg. And they honestly look super chic.

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And now, with WFH a reality for a lot of people—be it due to the rise of the freelancer economy or the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has people social distancing in their homes—the sweatsuit has become a work staple, too. It’s super comfy but isn’t your pyjamas (so you’ll feel like you’ve already accomplished something just by slipping sweatpants on), and with colour coordination a key component, will make you feel über put together.

We understand that it’s a scary and precarious time, and not everyone has disposable income that can go towards luxuries like a matching sweatsuit. But for those who are able to—we have some pretty great options.

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So whether you’re looking to impress during a video call with your boss, joining your team for a digital happy hour (don’t worry, the drinks can be IRL), or just trying to get some work done before you clock out at 5 p.m., these are the best sweatsuits to help you look and, more importantly, feel your best as you kill it from your home (or, more specifically, from the comfort of your bed).

Us for the foreseeable future: