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The Hydration Heroes You Need in Your Beauty Arsenal

Because your thirsty skin needs moisture, ASAP

Ah, winter. That time of year when your skin gets drier than the Sahara Desert and has a lot in common with a shriveled up raisin. It’s also when your favourite foundation betrays you, and even your best highlighter can’t win out against a dull, dry complexion.

While dry skin isn’t just a seasonal concern, it’s especially exacerbated during the colder months, thanks to plummeting temperatures, dry air, low humidity and indoor heating. The result? A host of skincare woes like tightness, flakiness, cracked skin, rough cuticles, dry patches and chapped lips that even makeup can’t hide.

The good news: We’ve almost made it to the end and spring is just around the corner. These are the heavy-hitting hydrators to stock up on to raise your moisture levels and keep some semblance of a glow going until your skin goes back to its regularly scheduled programming.


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