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How to Wear the Tie-Dye Trend and Still Look Like a Grown-Ass Adult

These 10 picks are wearable AF

FLARE contributors Emily MacCulloch and Natalie Harmsen wearing Tie Dye Clothes

FLARE contributors Emily MacCulloch and Natalie Harmsen (Photo: Erik Putz)

We all have individual style at FLARE, but some days we get to work and everyone’s wearing basically the same thing. Introducing What We Wore Wednesdays, the *official* documentation of our current fashion obsessions—follow us on IG for even more updates on what we’re feeling. They say three’s a trend, and we say lean in.

Maybe you associate tie-dye with that birthday party you went to in the third grade, but push that memory out of your mind. Tie-dye is officially a thing now, and we should all be giving it another chance. The psychedelic, rainbow T-shirt madness you’re likely imagining isn’t the only option for this print anymore. You’ve glown up since grade three, and so has tie-dye. It’s ~evolved~, thank you very much.

If you still want those bright, funky 1970s patterns, don’t worry because they’re still more than available and on trend. But now there are options for those of us who aren’t trying to get too psychedelic: think light washes and pastels that people might not even realize are tie-dye unless they *really* look. Or maybe accessories that are bold and bright but smaller and therefore not as shouty. You could wear this stuff to work.

My personal favourite thing about wearing tie-dye is that it deceives people into thinking I’m fun. It starts conversations. It makes me look like the upbeat, carefree person I wish I could be. And I can dial it up and down to be as bright and out there or as refined and subtle as I want. There’s truly something for everyone here. Tie-dye is dead, long live tie-dye.


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