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How To Keep On Wearing Your Summer Wardrobe Into Winter

You don't have to neglect your favourite slip dress for eight months of the year, fyi

When you live in a climate where it feels like summer lasts for only a hot second, you’ll do anything to hang on to whatever semblance of the season you can. And if you’ve spent those short summer months curating a great closet, that probably means continuing to wear your summer clothes.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up on them just because a few snowflakes fell from the sky. Seasonal dressing has gone out of fashion, thanks to the growing popularity of capsule wardrobes and the movement towards consuming less on account of the fact that environment is seriously suffering. And while you might look at your breezy, lightweight summer wardrobe full of ankle-bearing items and sunny palettes and wonder how you’re supposed to wear it without looking foolish (and freezing), don’t worry—we can help with that.

From floral prints to flowy pants, here’s how you can wear your fave summer pieces through even the most frigid temps.

Cropped trousers

Heattech knitted tights, $20,; Wide-leg pants, $25,; Lace-up ankle boots, $190,

The problem: Jack Frost is a real ankle-biter, something you’ll learn quickly if you’re still riding the culotte train from last summer.

The solution: Cover your ankles (duh). Pop on a pair of tights that look cute peeking out from under the hem of your pants, and opt for a pair of ankle boots that fit snugly to offset the loose fit of those pants.

Floral skirts

Texture cotton crew, $118,; Gigondra boots, $119,; Floral print patchwork skirt, $129,

The problem: Your legs are cold, your go-to summer pairing for your maxi skirt was a cropped tube top—and florals, as any Miranda Priestly devotee knows, are for spring.

The solution: Replace that tube top with a chunky, dark knit, casually tucking it into the waist of your skirt. Then, protect your calves with a pair of slouchy, knee-high boots.

Pastel hues

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo cashmere cardigan, $395,; Roll sleeve t-shirt, $17,; BP. high rise plaid crop pants, $50,

The problem: Light colours just inherently feel summery, and can look totally out of place next to the darker palettes we gravitate towards in the winter.

The solution: Keep wearing your beloved pastel pieces by pairing them with textures and prints that feel more winter-appropriate, like cozy knits and plaid.

High-waisted shorts

High-rise denim boy shorts, $29,; Sparkly stripe tights, $17,; Mimi down puffer jacket, $650,

The problem: These are a music festival staple, i.e. perfect for braving the heat and sitting on a blanket in the sun… which is not something you might be doing a lot of in the winter months.

The solution: Cover your legs in a fun pair of tights, and balance out that minimal lower half coverage with some puffiness on top.

Slinky slip dresses

Mid rise real straight jeans, $63,; Wilfred Free Vivienne dress, $78,; T-shirt H410, $28,

The problem: The point of this dress was to give you relief on those heat-warning days, keeping you as close to naked as possible. That’s obviously not the goal in sub-zero temperatures.

The solution: Layers. Start with a tight-fitting turtleneck to avoid any bunching under your dress, and for your bottom half, try a pair of slouchy, straight-legged jeans.


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