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The French Manicure Is Back According to the 2020 Oscars Red Carpet

And we absolutely love it

Oscars 2020 french manicures: Penelope Cruz poses on the red carpet at the Oscars in a black gown. She poses with her hand to her forehead

(Photo: Getty Images)

If you thought the return of *super* low-rise jeans was the most surprising early aughts trend to make a comeback in 2020, then hold your horses because the 2020 Oscars red carpet is here to prove you wrong.

While the February 9 Oscars red carpet was pretty lukewarm gown-wise, several famous ladies gave us a glimpse into potentially the biggest new beauty trend of 2020, and seriously colour-us surprised, because it’s the french-tipped manicure. And in the infamous words of Paris Hilton (an OG lover of the trend):

We first spotted this ultimate #TBT on the super gorge nails of Penelope Cruz, who stormed the carpet in a pretty meh dress while being interviewed by Billie Porter. But just as we were about to hit snooze, we saw her precious fingerlings wrapped around her microphone, daring to bare a LONG, SQUARE TIPPED FRENCH MANI. *gasps*

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And as our managing editor Jennifer Berry said, “My 18-year-old Abercrombie loving-self is screaming.” And, frankly, so are we.

But Cruz wasn’t alone. Also taking a cue from the early aughts was two-time Oscar nominee and apparent BFF with Timothée Chalamet, Margot Robbie, who walked the red carpet with a shorter version of the iconic french mani.

And we seriously love it all. Is this the definition of chaotic good? Not since Jennifer Lopez played a Bronx-area stripper and bamboozler in Hustlers has the french-tipped nail had more of a moment and, frankly, it deserves it. Forget cute designs and a solid colour; frankly, those are trash. No other nail trend simultaneously says “I’m a classy bitch” and “I watch re-runs of The Sweet Life” quite like the french manicure. It’s universally flattering, and in an already chaotic awards season, we honestly shouldn’t expect anything else.

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In conclusion, we love it.