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Euphoria's Barbie Ferreira Has an Outfit for Every Mood

And you should defs follow her ASAP

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The first season of HBO’s Euphoria drew buzz for its on-screen depictions of sex, its frank portrayal of drug use and its seriously inventive use of eyeliner. Off-screen, the stars have *slightly* tamer style, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less badass than their characters. Enter: Barbie Ferreira. The model, who plays body-positive, cam-girl Kat Hernandez, has made her way into our hearts—and also our wardrobes. Because, guys, she’s a style icon.

To quote another style icon, Lizzo, Ferreira’s wardrobe just took a DNA test and it’s “100% that bitch.”

Ferreira’s Instagram is essentially Cher Horowitz’s closet cam IRL.

From channeling the ever-popular “yeehaw agenda,” to making a case for blue latex, Ferreira has a look for any and every whim.  So put on your mood ring and choose your own style adventure.

When the yeehaw agenda is the only agenda on your back-to-school list

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Another Old town road remix

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I was today years old when I realized that a cow print suit is a wardrobe staple. A STAPLE, PEOPLE. With Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” topping the Billboard Top 100 chart for 19 week in a row, and with several musicians like Solange and Megan Thee Stallion pushing the yeehaw agenda, there’s never been a better time to embrace your inner cowgirl.

When you want to feel like a princess—minus the whole non-consenting kiss and living with seven male roommates

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had to do this snow white moment 🍎

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Ferreira is a literal angel, period. But, she also could seriously be a Disney princess doppelgänger? Snow White, to be exact. And you can be, too. This is the look for when you’re feeling whimsical AF—but still want to topple the patriarchy.

When you need that extra jolt of confidence

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@instylemagazine 💗

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Nothing says boss woman like a power stance and a power colour. “Orange” you glad Ferreira isn’t afraid to rock both? (Sorry, had to.)

When you’re trying to channel Cinderella at the club

Snow White isn’t the only Disney princess Ferreira is reinventing. While 1950s Cinderella had to be home before midnight, 2019 Cinderella is all for the late nights—and latex, apparently.

When the heat is *literally* making it a Hot Girl Summer

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can’t stop won’t stop

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A.K.A you can’t even deal. Heat waves across North America have left women and people everywhere feeling like they’re *literally* Icarus flying way too close to the sun.

Fed up with the the constatnt trickle of sweat, Ferreira has the perfect outfit remedy: No makeup? Check. Gauzy top? Check. Electric-blue bike shorts so you can get shit done sans chafing? Check, check and check.

We can’t stop and won’t stop loving this look—and seriously living in it.

When you’ve been listening to Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” on repeat

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This outfit *screams* Spice World. And the girl group just so happens to be down one member. Posh Spice better watch her back.

When you return from your semester abroad and the angst is real

You lived in Paris for six months and you want everyone to know it. And, with a chic new European look and sunglasses that say you’d rather be sipping an espresso along the Seine, now everyone will.

When you’re feeling like Shawn Mendes’s Señorita

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tonight @hbo ❣️😈

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This is Hot Girl Summer on steroids. Maybe you just landed a new job, maybe you’ve been texting with a new girl (or guy), or maybe you just watched Shawn Mendes’s “Señorita” video for the 100th time and your body is in flames. Either way, you’re feeling fine.

Shawn Mendes or romantic partner of any kind not required.

In essence, Ferreira’s Insta:

Go for it, Barbie.


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