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Prods to Help You Deal With Losing an Hour of Sleep This Weekend

Prepare to be tired: Daylight savings ends this weekend

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, at 2 a.m. ET to be exact, the clocks will jump ahead by an hour, thus cutting into your precious weekend sleeping time. And while you and your body struggle with that harsh reality and try to adjust to that missing hour of sleep as the week goes on, you might need a little help.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, things like getting more exercise, finding the right mattress and sheets and cutting screen time before bed are all great moves. But, a big part of getting the most of those recommended eight hours is developing a pre-sleep ritual, and if you can work skincare products with calming ingredients like lavender into that routine, even better. That’s because lavender oil aromatherapy can reduce anxiety, lower your heart rate and help you feel relaxed.

So whether you have time to take a bath before bed, light a pretty scented candle or slather your face in a soothing sleep mask, here are 12 products that’ll help you get the best sleep, in spite of that lost hour.


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