The Company Behind "the World's Most Comfortable Shoes" Now Makes Socks

Allbirds is solving my sweaty feet woes

Charlotte Herrold

Allbirds socks in pink

There is nothing less glamorous than what I’m about to say: I have the world’s sweatiest feet. They sweat in the winter and, boy, do they sweat in the summer. Boots, sandals, sneakers—no style of shoe seems to make a difference. It’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older and at one point I was sure there was something seriously wrong with me and went down a WebMD rabbit hole only to find that, well, some people just have sweaty feet.

I’ve tried insoles and powders, but nothing really helped. Until I got a pair of Allbirds. The San Fran-based sustainable shoe brand, which finally came to Canada last year, accrued a cult following (and slew of knockoffs) after Time Magazine declared its wool sneakers “the world’s most comfortable shoes.” I can walk for miles in these kicks and the super-soft lining keeps my feet feeling dry all day. A real life-changer.

Unfortunately, the casual, minimalist style doesn’t exactly go with everything in my wardrobe. So my sweaty feet days weren’t totally behind me—until today. Allbirds just launched a line of socks made from Trino, a proprietary blend of merino wool and eucalyptus fibre, in three styles (including no-show “Hiders”) that can be worn with a wide range of styles to replicate that Allbirds comfort in any shoe.

Available in six kicky colours (I’m partial to the Canary yellow), the breathable and cooling socks start at $16 a pair. While that might be more than you’d normally pay for a pair, there’s an added bonus that makes them well worth the extra couple bucks: Made in North Carolina, the socks are 100% carbon-neutral. So if you’re looking for ways to reduce your fashion footprint, then investing in a few pairs of these vs a multipack of cheap cotton socks from a big box store is definitely a good first step.

Now: Can I get away with wearing these with open-toe sandals y/n?

Allbirds socks in yellow


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