Zoë Bentley

Up-and-coming singer on counting her blessings and dressing in living colour

Style Setter: Zoë Bentley
Up-and-coming singer on counting her blessings and dressing in living colour

Zoë Bentley is the first person to tell you how lucky she is. After leaving her hometown of Belleville, ON at the age of 15, she lived on the streets in Cambridge until a high-school guidance counsellor found her a place to stay and even bought her new guitar strings for her old acoustic guitar.

These days, the singer-songwriter, who has been compared to Mariah Carey and Patsy Cline, is at home in Toronto with one record under her belt and another in the works.

Flare: : Great to talk to you. What have you been up to since releasing your first album, Stride.

Zoë Bentley: I went on tour right when the record was released, so I was on the road almost a year. Now I’m doing lots of little shows and charity events. I am also working on the second record now, just starting to record it.

F: What can you tell us about the new album?

ZB: I’ve been singing and writing since 12 and wrote the first album between the ages of 12 and 19. I’ll be 23 on August 8, so this album has a lot more depth to it.

F: 23 is still pretty young!

ZB: Yes, well, I’m a pretty driven person! I have a few goals to hit by 25 – one of them is writing and recording a third album.

F: How would you define your personal style?

ZB: I am really funky. Right now, I’m into Gsus from Denmark. I like to wear different, bright, bold pieces, especially on stage. When I’m at home I love wearing T-shirts with sayings on them, or old Metallica t-shirts


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F: How does your style help you express who you are?

ZB:Well, I think wearing colour brightens up how you feel – and brings that part of your personality out. Right now wearing bright bold orange jacket and baby blue earrings – and I feel great. If you wear black, you’re going to feel serious.

You know when you paint a room a certain colour, you’re going to have a certain kind of vibe. I think the same goes with your wardrobe.


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F: What’s your favourite piece of clothing right now?

ZB: I have had this pair of Marciano jeans for three years. They are full of huge holes and rips – those jeans are a conversation-starter.

F: What are you fashion pet peeves?

ZB: I really don’t like skinny jeans on girls and I hate giant jeans on guys. Clothes are meant to fit your body and compliment what you have – not constrict you or drown you.

F: What would your advice be for girls experimenting with their own style?

ZB:: I’d say be daring! Buy pieces that you love and don’t be afraid to be different.

To check out Zoe’s music, visit http://www.myspace.com/zoebentley

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