Yael Stone Shares 10 Secrets From the Set of OITNB

Just in time for season three, Orange Is the New Black fan favourite Yael Stone—who plays Morello on the Netflix hit series—shared 10 secrets from behind the scenes



It can be v. tough to choose a favourite character from the rich roster on Orange Is the New Black, but one of our most beloved Litchfield inmates is the sweet, squeaky-voiced Morello, played by the spunky, doe-eyed Yael Stone, who actually hails from Australia (she landed OINTB mere months after moving to New York, NBD). Last season we finally got the epic reveal of the true nature of Morello’s relationship with fiancé Christopher—and Stone’s gorgeous, heartbreaking performance of (spoiler alert) a woman scorned that made her flashback a season highlight. Morello fans can look forward to witnessing the ever-glamorous—and ever-resourceful—inmate explore new ways of finding her true love on season three of Orange Is the New Black (which came out on Netflix today!). We just know that a cast as fun as the ladies of Litchfield must get up to all kinds of hijinks on set, so we asked if Stone would be so kind as to dish on all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans and secrets. And did she ever—read on for her intel about on-set twerking, spinning with Crazy Eyes and who wins Miss Congeniality.



1. “A lot of booty-based dancing goes on on set. I generally just stand back and watch with my eyes glazed over with admiration.”

2. “The prison-issued underwear is ESSENTIAL for me to get into character. I am nothing without that 1950s cone-shaped bra.”

3. “Last year for Halloween, the cast and crew went to Blood Manor and I was so scared I cried. Everyone else was, well, not scared at all. Pretty embarrassing for me.”

4. “Barbra Rosenblatt (Miss Rosa) has hair. She had hair the whole frickin’ time she was shooting! She wore an epic bald cap, masterfully applied over three hours.”

5. “Matt McGorry (Bennett) never seems to be in a bad mood. Like, never ever. Always with the jokes, that one.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Erik Pendzich/REX Shutterstock (2735380c) Yael Stone 'Orange is the New Black' Netflix series premiere, New York, America - 11 Jun 2015

Yael Stone at the OITNB season three premiere in New York City (Photo: Erik Pendzich/REX Shutterstock)

6. “The first party we ever had, when we started filming season one, we made a dance circle and I have a distinct memory that Laverne Cox totally and utterly owned it.”

7. “Danielle [Brooks] and Uzo [Aduba] are excellent people to go to a spin class with—very motivating and very fun.”

8. “On my first day on set, I had to drive the van; I could barely reach the pedals and, in spite of my insistence that I am a very good driver, I stalled multiple times. Taylor [Schilling] made fun of me, and we’ve been friends ever since.”

9. “If you’re going to do a sex scene, do it with Natasha Lyonne. She makes everything feel normal. (She was also very complimentary about my breasts and, well, that’s always nice.)”

10. “Little Boo—the dog of Big Boo (Lea DeLaria)—was a very sweet castmate, but honestly she had the worst breath I’ve ever come across.”

(L-R) Yael Stone, Natasha Lyonne and Director Michael Trim behind the Scenes of NetflixÕs ÒOrange is the New BlackÓ Season 2. Photo credit: Jessica Miglio for Netflix.

Yael Stone and Natasha Lyonne with director Michael Trim on the set of OITNB (Photo: Jessica Miglio for Netflix)

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