Would You Date a Guy Who Used Taylor Swift Lyrics as a Pick-Up Line?

One young filmmaker tries to score some dates using the singer’s words.

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Photo Courtesy of Citytv

Trying to ask anyone on a date, let alone a stranger, is a nerve wrecking experience that could easily turn into an awkward situation: palms get sweaty, tongues are tied and words jumble together into an incoherent mess.
Enter young filmmaker Tommy Wooldridge.
Wooldridge, who claims he doesn’t know how to talk to girls, poses an unconventional approach in his latest YouTube video: he uses Taylor Swift lyrics.
In theory, using TSwift seems like a better idea than his last video where he used Blink 182 songs.
Swift is idolized by just about everyone, has won multiple Grammys, sold millions of records, and currently has three songs on iTunes’ Top 10 Songs in Canada (“State of Grace,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”).
So, does it work? Not really. Wooldridge’s delivery is overshadowed by his awkwardness, though his valiant efforts haven’t gone to waste. The video compilation of his failed attempts is hilarious.

Maybe Wooldridge should tune in next Monday at 7 p.m. when Entertainment City: Taylor Swift airs on CityTV. Hopefully, Swift drops some hints on how to win over hearts (just not hers. She’s dating 18-year-old Connor Kennedy). —Portia Baladad

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