These Are the Worst Hollywood Reactions to the Woody Allen Allegations

How about y'all shut up???

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You would think publicly defending a man who is accused of sexually assaulting his own adoptive daughter would be a bad idea, but *some* stars in Hollywood feel otherwise.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, celebrated filmmaker Woody Allen, 82, is accused of molesting his daughter Dylan Farrow in 1992 when she was seven years old. Dylan and her adoptive mother Mia Farrow—who was in a relationship with Allen from 1980 to 1992—have long maintained the allegations against Allen, which he continually denies. (Read details about the allegations here.)

In the age of #MeToo and Time’s Up, the conversation around sexual harassment has shifted, and there’s been mounting condemnation against Allen from stars like Ellen PageColin Firth and Greta Gerwig. But some of Allen’s friends and fans are on his side, and continue to defend him.

Here, the worst reactions to the Allen allegations.

Diane Keaton


Actor Diane Keaton, who rose to fame after starring in Allen’s 1977 film Annie Hall, is a longtime friend and collaborator of the director. On Jan. 29, the 72-year-old voiced her support of Allen on Twitter and shared a clip from his decades-old 60 Minutes interview where he denies Dylan’s account, blames the allegations on his bitter split from Mia, and says, “If I wanted to be a child molester I had many opportunities in the past.” Keaton tweeted: “It might be of interest to take a look at the 60 Minute [sic] interview from 1992 and see what you think.” The veteran actor soon faced backlash for her support of Allen, including from producer Judd Apatow who quoted-tweeted Keaton’s remarks and wrote: “I see a man who wanted what he wanted and didn’t care that he was having an affair with a 19-year-old when he was 54 who was also his daughter’s sister. He also took nude photos of this child who he had known since she was nine and left them out for his family to see. Narcissism.”

Alec Baldwin

As a star in several of Allen’s films, 59-year-old Alec Baldwin has defended Allen and his decision to work with him multiple times. Back in December 2017, Baldwin made eyebrow-raising comments about whether alleged harassers and abusers should have their work “cancelled,” and chimed in that Allen was never charged with abusing Dylan. Then, in January of this year, in now-deleted tweets, Baldwin called working with Allen “one of the privileges of my career” and said “the renunciation of him and his work, no doubt, has some purpose. But it’s unfair and sad to me.” On  Jan. 28, Baldwin once again vocalized his support of Allen on Twitter (on the since-deleted Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter account, no less) and compared Dylan’s allegations to fake rape claims made by character Mayella Ewell in To Kill a Mockingbird. In a now-deleted tweet, Baldwin wrote, “1 of the most effective things Dylan Farrow has in her arsenal is the ‘persistence of emotion.’ Like Mayella in TKAM, her tears/exhortations r meant 2 shame u in2 belief in her story. But I need more than that before I destroy some1, regardless of their fame. I need a lot more.”

Kate Winslet 

Kate Winslet, who starred in Allen’s 2017 film Wonder Wheel, told The New York Times that Allen is “an incredible director” and questioned the sexual assault allegations made against him. “Of course one thinks about it,” she said to the Times. “But at the same time, I didn’t know Woody and I don’t know anything about that family. As the actor in the film, you just have to step away and say, I don’t know anything, really, and whether any of it is true or false.” The 42-year-old star then said that she had “an extraordinary experience” working with Allen as well as Roman Polanski, who has been accused of sexual assault and rape by multiple women. She has since said she has “bitter regrets” over “poor decisions” to work with certain people in her life, but did not single out Allen or Polanski by name.

Blake Lively

While promoting Allen’s 2016 film Café Society, Blake Lively, 30, defended her decision to work with Allen to the press and said that she didn’t pay attention to the allegations made against him. “It’s very dangerous to factor in things you don’t know anything about,” she said at the time. “I could [only] know my experience. And my experience with Woody is he’s empowering to women.”

Justin Timberlake


In a 2017 profile in The Hollywood Reporter, Justin Timberlake (who starred in Allen’s film Wonder Wheel) said that he didn’t want to address the allegations. “I chose to not get into it—I really don’t dive into any of that stuff with anybody,” he said of working with Allen. This year, Timberlake, 36, drew criticism for wearing a Time’s Up pin to the 2018 Golden Globes as many pointed out that the move was hypocritical given his professional relationship with Allen. Dylan even called out Timberlake on Twitter saying, “you can’t support and praise sexual predators at the same time.”


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