Why Miley Cyrus Hosting the VMAs Means Great TV

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since Miley twerked and foam fingered herself to notoriety

When you gather a group of famous musicians for an awards show, certain things are inevitable: Taylor Swift will sing along and dance to every performance (and maybe bring Nicki Minaj on stage?), Beyoncé (if she shows up) will cause a frenzy, the MTV live audience will check their phone if someone over the age of 32 starts speaking. The one thing that’s not predictable is Miley. We don’t know if she’ll pull out a bong or make fun of donut-licker Ariana Grande or walk the red carpet with rumored GF Stella Maxwell. All we know is that having her host the MTV VMAs will be great TV.

Fuck yeah VMAs!!!!! #VMAs on @MTV Aug 30 at 9pm

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1. Social Media Madness: What’s the opposite of “curated”? Miley’s Instagram, which is a dizzying mix of fan- and self-made Photoshopped pictures, blurry selfies and garbled captions. She announced her hosting gig on social media (see the alien-garb above) and you know she’s going to share uncensored backstage secrets.

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2. #sorrynotsorry: Miley’s murder of Hannah Montana caused a lot of pearl-clutching and hand wringing with parental advisory groupswon’t anyone think of the children? A lesser Disney star may have crumbled under the pressure and released a statement on how much they value being a role model, but Miley was steadfast in her rebellious ways and refused to apologize. She’s just being Miley. (But we are still waiting for Robin Thicke to apologize for that Beetlejuice suit.)

3. Style Watch: Miley’s fashion sense can be firmly planted in the “eclectic” categorysometimes she’s in latex bra and panties, sometimes she’s in Prabal Gurung. Her increasingly asexual sense of style is unpredictable, but we’d be shocked to see a safe black dress in her rotation. You know what wouldn’t be surprising: Nipple pasties.

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4. Cause Célèbre: While many are quick to brush Miley off as a tween star turned pop tart exhibitionist, she is increasingly lending her voice to advocating for LGBTQ causes. At last year’s VMAs, she brought a young man, Jesse Helt, onstage with her to raise awareness about homelessness youth in America. Will host Miley be a socially conscious Miley?

5. Best Frenemies: Miley’s cheeky sense of humour isn’t always about pizza bedding, sometimes she involves other celebs in the Photoshop fun. Justin Bieber, Kim and Kanye and Taylor Swift have all been ‘shopped, but it’s not entirely clear how they feel about being the butt of Miley’s joke. Just this week she posted this doctored photo of Taylor and Justin. Taylor responded with an ambiguous, “Sending you love” comment. Will the VMAs be a love-in or an epic shade fest?



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