Why Is Beyoncé the Queen of Instagram?

Because she uses it to control her image with a diamond-clad fist

Is there a Bey-Bey in there? (Photo: @beyonce)

Is there a Bey-Bey in there? (Photo: @beyonce)

A recent Instagram post has the Beyhive buzzing: is Blue Ivy: The Sequel imminent? This isn’t the first time Beyoncé’s mid-section has toyed with uslast September, some strategically placed stomach paint set the web ablaze.  The truth is, an Instagram announcement wouldn’t be out of character for the Beygency. B’s evolution from famous singer to omnipresent pop culture deity has come with a tight corralling of her image; she rarely grants TV or print interviews, letting her filters do all the talking.

(Photo: @beyonce)

Sister power (i.e., ignore the elevator incident, please) (Photo: @beyonce)

It’s her “run the world” MO for less-is-more access: instead of the usual promotional tactics, we’re treated to a buffet of highly personalized visual PR spin (particularly helpful to quell elevator scandals and divorce rumours).

Repeat after me: We are in love (Photo: @beyonce)

Repeat after me: we are in love (Photo: @beyonce)

So, about that maybe baby. We’ll know for sureabout a new addition to the Carters, a divorce, a tourwhen she wants us to know. And not a second sooner.

(Photo: @beyonce)

You’ll know when I say so (Photo: @beyonce)