"It's Been 7 Years Since The Hills Wrapped & I Still Want to be Lauren Conrad's BFF"

A ride-or-die LC fan makes the case for why they'd be legit besties

PACIFIC PALISADES, CA - OCTOBER 15: Designer/TV personality Lauren Conrad attends the Seventh Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Will Rogers State Historic Park on October 15, 2016 in Pacific Palisades, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

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2004 was a big year for me. I was 11 years old, starting at a new school and in the process of perfecting a closed-mouth smile that wouldn’t show off my new braces. But more importantly, it was the year Laguna Beach started—otherwise known as the year my love for Lauren Conrad was born (you could also call it a mild obsession but love sounds less creepy, so we’ll go with that).

The obsession love became so real that I spent my 12th birthday party forcing all my friends—who would have probs much rather been playing “Truth or Dare” or whatever sleepover game was popular at the time—to watch the finale of the first season and, being the loyal LC fangirl I was, I remember getting legitimately pissed at one “friend” for saying she was #TeamKristin, referring to LC’s former co-star and longtime rival, Kristin Cavallari, of course. HOW DARE SHE?

Fast forward to 2006, a.k.a. the year The Hills came into my life. The Hills’ LC had it all: she was living in L.A. with her own reality show and a fab internship at Teen Vogue, she was the leader of the coolest girl squad and she was dating the hottest guys *cough cough Brody Jenner.* She was living my dream life and the more I watched her on MTV every week, the more I wished I was one of the lucky chosen girls in LC’s crew.

Today, The Hills remains to be one of my favourite shows—you can bet your bottom dollar I still binge old episodes on Friday nights—and I continue to support literally everything Lauren Conrad does. I read her blog religiously, I’ve “liked” probably all of her Instagrams (I get notifications when she posts so I don’t miss anything, naturally), plus I follow every other Instagram account she’s associated with (@laurenconrad_com, @lclaurenconrad@papercrown and @thelittlemarket). I’ve purchased a few pieces from her LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s collection and I have all three of her lifestyle books—Style, Beauty and, my personal fave, Celebrate—sitting pretty on my bedside table.

I’m now 23 and The Hills has been dunzo for SEVEN years—it feels like just yesterday LC was serving perfect mascara tears and quotes like “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you”—but to this day, I would still give anything to be best friends with her. I would even settle for mere acquaintances, TBH. Here’s why she’s forever-BFF material:

She’s a ride-or-die friend 

What I learned about Lauren from watching her on The Hills is that she’s one hell of a loyal friend (prime example: even after all the sex-tape drama, she still went to Speidi’s wedding) and that she ALWAYS puts her girlfriends before her boyfriends. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend: She's loyal

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She would be the first one to tell me if the guy I’m dating is a “sucky person”

Lauren always had a sixth sense about shitty boyfriends. Case in point: Spencer Pratt. (And let’s not forget about Justin Bobby.) So, I would defs trust her judgement.

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend: she'll tell you if the guy you like sucks

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She’d also LMK if he has unfortunate style…

Because sometimes when you’re in love, you might be blind to those uggo combat boots your boyfriend wore to the beach that one weekend. But if LC was my BFF, she’d bring me back to reality.

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend: because she'll tell you if your BF's style sucks

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… and when he was acting like a straight-up dick

Remember when Justin Bobby was being the absolute worst on their Vegas trip for Brody’s birthday in season 3? Lauren had no problem straight-up telling Audrina that he was being a total asshole. And sometimes you just need a friend who’s going to tell you the cold, hard truth, even if you don’t want to hear it.

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend: She tells it like it is

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She wouldn’t hold back on calling me out when I mess up 

Because if your bestest friends won’t tell you, who will?

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend: she'll call you out if you do something stupid

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We would throw the classiest parties together complete with the daintiest drinks and snacks

Whenever I’m planning a party I always ask myself, What would Lauren Conrad do? So I reference her Instagram, blog and, of course, her book on how throw the perfect party, Celebrate, for inspo. But having the real LC party-planning alongside me would make for the ultimate gathering.

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She could help make my Instagram as cute as hers

Lauren Conrad’s IG is everything mine aspires to be. I recently gave up on trying to make my grid look like hers because I realized it was never going to happen (plus it’s just kind of annoying to keep up with), but I did give it the old college try for a while. I even Googled “What filter does Lauren Conrad use on her Instagram?” once and after learning she uses Valencia and Nashville, it still didn’t look the exact same. So, if Lauren and I were besties, she would tell me all her secrets, of course, and I could *finally* get my Instagram to look as perf as hers.

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend: Instagram inspo

A snapshot of Lauren’s Instagram next to mine so you can see I totally tried to copy her pale and faded Insta theme. (Photos: Instagram.com/laurenconrad, Instagram.com/sarahtrumbley)

She would be my own personal stylist 

I would say Lauren and I have a pretty similar feminine and laid-back approach to style, so I would always (always) trust her advice. Plus she’d probs let me borrow her clothes which is a maaaajor plus.

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend: her style advice

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We could have girly freak-outs when we’re excited for each other

Girly freak-outs as perfect and precious as this one:

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend: she likes to have girly freak outs

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We would have pizza and champagne nights all the damn time

Remember during the season 2 finale when Lauren brought home pizza and champagne to celebrate her and Audrina moving in together? Well, after watching that scene—and once I became old enough to actually buy champagne—this became one of my fave Friday night dinners. Is there really a better way to class up a pizza night than adding a casual bottle of champagne? I think not.

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend: She invented pizza and champagne

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Ugh, that *could* be us.

Basically, we would be the best of friends  

I know that I’ve never met her and that I technically don’t know Lauren Conrad, BUT after watching every episode of Laguna Beach and The Hills about, oh, a million times I feel like I do. Call me, LC?

Why I want Lauren Conrad to be my friend

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