Who Said It: Kanye West or Donald Trump?

It's harder than you think

While we are gearing up for a federal election in Canada, our American friends are still deciding which candidates to put on the ballot. If there is one thing the US system has that Canada’s doesn’t, it’s drama. We get non-stop commercials about Justin’s “nice hair”, and they get scathing one-liners, bombastic debates and presidential hopefuls learning to whip and nae nae on Ellen.

kanye 2020

Two of the most enthusiastic candidates in recent years include The Donald, gunning for the Republican ticket for 2016, and Kanye West, who declared his run for 2020 at the MTV VMAs. Now while these two may seem as far apart on the political scale as possible, they do have one massive thing in common: their, er, healthy egos. One wondered, ‘Yoooooo, why won’t you let me be great” (we’ll spare you the all caps), while the other vows to “Make America Great Again.”

donald trump president

We’ve compiled a few of their more boastful musings for a round of Who Said It?

  1. “I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”
  1. “I feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it.”
  1. “Beauty and elegance, whether in a woman, a building, or a work of art, is not just superficial or something pretty to see.”
  1. “To use is necessary. And if you can’t be used, then you’re useless.”
  1. “We promise to win.”
  1. “One thing I’ve learned about the press is that they’re always hungry for a good story, and the more sensational the better. … The point is that if you are a little different, or a little outrageous, or if you do things that are bold or controversial, the press is going to write about you.”
  1. “Show me someone without an ego, and I’ll show you a loser — having a healthy ego, or high opinion of yourself, is a real positive in life!”
  1. “Sweatshirts are fucking important.”
  1. “I would like to wish all fathers, even the haters and losers, a very happy Fathers Day.”
  1. “I still think I am the greatest.”

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1. The Donald 2. Kanye 3. The Donald 5. Kanye 5. Kanye 6. The Donald 7. TheDonald 8. Kanye. 9. The Donald 10. Kanye (we won’t faul you if you got that one wrong – it could have easily been either of them.)

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