Everything We Know About Kendall Jenner's Makeout Bae, Anwar Hadid

Everything we know about Kendall Jenner's (rumoured) flame.

Anwar Hadid

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There’s a grainy photo making the rounds of Kendall Jenner—model and 22-year-old member of the Kardashian-Jenner cast family—making out with a mystery man at a New York club early in the hours of Tuesday morning. It wasn’t basketball player Ben Simmons (who she’d reportedly been dating) she was caught cuddling up with, but another vaguely familiar face: Anwar Hadid.

Following the alleged TWO-hour (!) makeout sesh at a CFDA Awards after party, Jenner and Hadid were spotted together again on Wednesday evening, leaving the Mercer Hotel in New York, both looking v. dressed down in sweats and hoodies. So who is this guy? Here’s what we know:

Yep, he’s one of those Hadids

If something in Anwar’s insane bone structure seems familiar, it’s probably because he’s reminding you of his very famous siblings, Bella and Gigi. He’s the youngest of three kids that Mohammed and Yolanda Hadid had together before they divorced in 2000, when Anwar was just a wee babe. He also has two non-famous half-sisters from his dad’s first marriage.

To the choppa

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Anwar’s following his sisters’ footsteps down the runway 

I mean, with those cheekbones, he was basically made for the runway. He’s signed to IMG, the same agency as his sisters, and made his model “debut” on a Nylon mag cover in 2015. Anwar has since walked in shows and done some shoots but his career hasn’t quite hit the dizzying heights of his older sibs…yet.


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Anwar was/is supposedly dating Nicola Peltz

Up until, like four seconds ago, Hadid was in a very Insta-public long-term relationship with actress Nicola Peltz. They were last spotted together in May and it was generally assumed that they were still together—until all this Kendall business hit the tabloids. In a perhaps unsurprisingly twist, Cosmopolitan reported that Peltz just unfollowed all the Hadids on Insta (except for those non-famous sisters above). The drama!


@prada with an official member of OYL and my lova @nicolaannepeltz

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No, Anwar is not a natural blonde 

This comes as a shock, I realize. But scroll back a few months on Instagram and you’ll see the 18 year old sporting his God-given brunette locks.

Anwar has known Kendall for ages

Bella, Gigi and Kendall are obviously tight these days, but they also ran in the same L.A. circles back in the day. Anwar would have gone to the same parties and events, but it’s unclear when he crossed from BFF’s Little Brother to Tasty Snack status for Kendall, who is four years older than him. She did, however, post this Insta in 2016 with Anwar captioned “dibs,” so…


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He’s discovered the meaning of life

And very kindly shared it with his (casual) 2 million followers on Instagram.

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