Which Twilight Movie’s The Best?: The Original Can't Be Beat

Part I of our series on which supernatural soap reigns supreme.

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When an unassuming YA novel by first time author Stephenie Meyer hit bookshelves in 2005, it unleashed a ravenous generation of vampire-crazed, lovelorn teenage girls. Twilight was a supernatural tale of forbidden love that centred on a beyond-ordinary girl (Bella Swan) who falls hard for a hunky bloodsucking vampire (Edward Cullen).

The movie adaptation starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Swan and Cullen might have been low-budget, but what makes the movie so enjoyable is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can’t help but love the slightly awkward, self-conscious performances of the young cast on the brink of stardom. Whether you’re the type to get lost in Edward’s eyes, the flow of his coiffed mane, or lust after his superhuman ability to save his damsel from some pretty distressing situations, Twilight dishes out teen-heartthrob.

It may not have been Academy Award worthy, but who would want it to be? So what if the special effects were lacklustre? Who cares if Stewart’s angsty pout and awkward acting is cringe-worthy? If you’re a true Twi-hard you can look past the kitschy CGI werewolves and high-speed running scenes to see the love story that lies beneath. (What girl doesn’t want a beautiful vampire obsessively stalking her every move in the name of love?)

Whether you’re Team Edward, Team Jacob or Team “I Don’t Care,” you can’t deny the success and impact of this classic vampire tale. The original Twilight manages to get the blood pumping and the butterflies fluttering in a way that none of the subsequent movies quite could. Bella’s depressed state in New Moon and complicated relationship status with Jacob in Eclipse don’t compare to the excitement of young love which Twilight brings to the screen. So why try to outdo what’s already been done? Sometimes an original just can’t be beat. –Elyse Goody

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