Which Twilight Movie Is The Best?: Why New Moon Makes Us Howl

Part 2 of our series on which installment of the supernatural soap reigns supreme. (So far.)

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Some have called New Moon, the second film in The Twilight Saga, depressing. But when you’re talking undead romance, what’s so wrong with that? Beloved vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) breaks it off with Bella (Kristen Stewart) at the film’s beginning (for her own safety—an old chestnut of an excuse that surely dates back to Edward’s breathing days). This kicks off the K-Stew sulks to end all sulks. Luckily Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is there to lend his support. Subtract one hideous wig and add some now famous abs and things get interesting. 

Team Jacob, this film was made for you. What New Moon lacks in Pattinson angst, it more than makes up for in wicked werewolves. As Jacob finds his inner beast, we get to know his extended werewolf family, a unique group of characters that blend modern Native American culture with werewolf mythology. Meanwhile, Bella deals with her heartbreak with some adrenaline-pumping risk addiction. Since Edward appears whenever she’s in trouble, she pushes herself to take on more dangerous endeavours—approaching shady characters, racing motorcycles, cliff-diving. In a series known for its conservative values, it’s refreshing to see Bella indulge her rebellious side. The Rob-sessed can keep their fairy tale wedding. Jacob’s unrequited love for the broken-heareted Bella is all the over-the-top angst we need. 

Tune in tomorrow for Andrea Karr’s defense of Eclipse.

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