What The Celebs Will Be Wearing This Halloween

Chloë Moretz, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Kerr, and Heidi Klum dish on their Halloween plans

Photo by Keystone

While we’re busy trying to dress like our favourite celebrities for Halloween, they’re preparing to celebrate the holiday just like us. Here’s what a few stars are planning for a ghoulish good time:
Chloë Moretz

At Variety’s Power of Youth event last Saturday, Hugo star (and fashion plate) Chloë Moretz revealed that she and two friends are dressing up as the Powerpuff Girls. “I’m gonna be Bubbles,” she told a Hollywire Reporter. “I think I’m a bit smarter than Bubbles, but it’s okay.”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s costume idea may not be that creative, but it serves a practical purpose. “I think I’m just gonna put on a monster mask, and walk around with [my kids] and trick or-treat,” she told Access Hollywood. A mask prevented the star from being recognized last year, when she and her family went around their neighbourhood collecting loot for the first time. “They were crazy candy fiends last year!” Lopez said of her now three-year-old twins.

Miranda Kerr vs. Heidi Klum

It’s not all fun and games in the world of A-list Halloween: Miranda Kerr is throwing a party in New York on the same night as fellow catwalk queen Heidi Klum’s notoriously extravagant annual All Hallow’s bash. Which supermodel will showcase the most stylish costume? Klum, who’s known for her no-holds-barred costume choices, recently released photos of herself dressed in a monkey suit. Your move, Kerr. -Allison Friedman