We’re Cuckoo for Coco

We’re Cuckoo for Coco
10 things we love about model-of-the-moment Coco Rocha

No one will ever find out Coco Rocha’s real first name. “It’s a mystery, I’ve never told anyone,” the part-Irish, part-Russian beauty tells FLARE. What the Richmond, B.C., native will tell us is that Coco is short for “mon petit coco,” a pet name courtesy of her maman. Discovered at age 14 while performing with her Irish-dancing troupe, she’s since starred in campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga and Lanvin and was dubbed “girl of the season” when she debuted on the runways in 2006.

Beauty Star Facts

1. She’s the face of Yves Saint Laurent Elle, the newest fragrance from the fashion house. She follows the lead of fellow Canuck Linda Evangelista, who was the billboard babe for Yves Saint Laurent Opium in 1986, 1995 and 1997.

2. She loves being a girl. “You get to dress up, you get to smell nice. I’m definitely glad I’m a girl. I just love being over-the-top glamorous.”

3. She counts on her best friends, who include her mom (Coco calls her every day) and model Behati Prinsloo (they spent their summer vacation together in Namibia, Prinsloo’s home base). “We’re the same—the same age, the same difficulties—so [our friendship’s] easy.” Pay attention: Rocha considers listening skills the true mark of a best friend.

4. She refuses to choose—she loves lipstick and lip gloss. “Dark lipstick if it’s a night thing; lip gloss—I like it really shiny and plump-looking—in a pale pink for day.”

5. Even though she’s donned the best of the haute heap (during the Fall ’07 couture collections, she was cloaked in Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior, Christian Lacroix and Chanel), Coco still loves her jeans and kicks. “Tight Rag & Bone jeans—which are my favourite, the fit is perfect—with Converse sneakers.”

6. Her first pair of high-heels were black stilettos. Naturally.

7. She doesn’t skip breakfast (scrambled eggs and fruit), even during the hectic schedule of the international collections.

8. She seeks advice from the best in the biz. All nerves at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Benefit Gala this year, Coco sat next to Kirsten Dunst, who told her to “eat, have fun and don’t worry about it.” About the relentless chaos unique to the fashion-show circuit, Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy reminded Coco, “You have to take a minute for yourself. I know it’s hard, but go home. Relax.”

9. She misses Tim Hortons coffee and hanging out in Vancouver. “I used to spend summers by the lake. Now, being stuck in Manhattan, it’s much different.”

10. She knows hard partying can bring a girl down. “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I rarely go out to parties because it gets boring. I think, ‘You’ve been given this chance, why mess it up?

To read more about Coco Rocha, be sure to pick up the November issue of FLARE!


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