Rob Kardashian, What Are You Doing? A Twitter Investigation

We need to talk about Rob, because tweeting Kylie's digits was not OK

Whatever’s going on with Rob Kardashian is more than just your standard reality TV antics. On Monday night, the 29-year-old tweeted sister Kylie Jenner’s phone number in response to a supposed baby shower snub. For real.

“Didn’t invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you were all trying to throw for me!!? You all must have lost your damn minds,” he tweeted.

This, apparently, was his justification for having tweeted Kylie’s number (which has since been disconnected). He assured followers that he wasn’t hacked, aka. the digits were real.



Bringing me to my next point: what the fuck? This is hardly the first time Rob’s lost his shit in a way best described as irrational and over-the-top. In March of last year, dude compared Kim to Amy Dunne from Gone Girl (a.k.a. a sociopathic murderer) and a few years back, he accused ex-girlfriend Rita Ora of cheating—also on Twitter, where he completely dragged and slut-shamed her.

PHOTO: Instagram.com/robkardashian

NOT COOL, ROB. PHOTO: Instagram.com/robkardashian

But his latest outburst has a more sinister overtone. Not only is tweeting Kylie’s number a total violation of privacy, it spurs the advancement of harassment. Rob wasn’t tweeting for the sake of a few likes or RTs, he was encouraging strangers to infringe on her space. He was actively participating in the demolition of her boundaries. And regardless of whether or not he thought about the act past his initial tantrum, it raises questions about his relationship with women (since he’s yet to lash out this way in response to men) and as to whether he’s actually OK.

Because he doesn’t seem to be. Most of our familial relationships are complicated. Most of us have had rows with parents or siblings or in-laws or aunts or uncles, and while I’m sure we’ve wanted to throw down our phones and have a cry, we—because we are grown-ass humans—have opted to have conversations after our initial anger boiled down a little. Rob’s behaviour? It tells me he either has little to no control over his rage…or he simply doesn’t care.

Both are upsetting. Both are scary. And both actually call for more attention than just a moment on Keeping Up With. Rob’s is the behaviour of somebody who is flailing, and when you’re splashing around and waving your limbs so carelessly, it’s only a matter of time before you really hurt someone.

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