Watch Now: Azealia Banks’ “Atlantis” Video is Underwater Insanity

The rapper’s new video is a little bit Michael Jackson, a little bit intergalactic and a lot of green screen.?

Photo Courtesy of Universal Music Canada

While we patiently wait for Azealia Banks’ album to come out next year, the rap star channeled a little bit of 1980s Michael Jackson to bring us the music video for her her song, “Atlantis” off the self-released Fantasea mixtape.

Like the King of Pop’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough,” Banks’ video looks like it was completely filmed in front of a green screen complete with low-tech, garish graphics. The result is a mindboggling array of underwater images that includes the rapper riding digital dolphins and coming out of a clamshell a là The Birth of Venus—but clothed.

Just the night before Banks released her video, Rihanna also showed green screen technology some love during her performance of “Diamonds” on SNL. Rihanna outhipstered everyone in Brooklyn that night by singing in front of projections of what looked to be Windows 98 screensavers. The only thing missing from her performance was a couple of flying toasters (thanks, Tumblr).

So the lesson here is that barely-concealed green screens and the ’90s are the latest video trends to watch out for in the new year.

WATCH BELOW: “Atlantis” by Azealia Banks


WATCH BELOW: “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson