Watch: Kate Moss In George Michael’s White Light

The supermodel fronts George Michael’s comeback video

Looking good and clad in high fashion gear, Kate Moss does what she does best in George Michael’s new music video.

The supermodel fronts Michael’s new comeback video ‘White Light,’ driving a BMW and strutting around in a fur jacket — her hair blowing in the wind and all. This appearance comes after Moss admitted she regretted not being a part of his 1990 ‘Freedom’ video, which featured major models like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. “Well I wasn’t in [George Michael’s] ‘Freedom’ video,” said Moss last year on regrets. “I just missed it. That would have been amazing.”

It seems Moss finally got her wish, with no other models to compete with either (not having to work with Campbell may have been a blessing in disguise). This isn’t Moss’s first crack at music videos: she has appeared in videos for Primal Scream, Elton John and The White Stripes. – Christian Allaire

Watch Below: George Michael’s White Light