Watch: Kate Mara on Red Carpet Style and Fantastic Four

Our Marvel-lous August cover star chats about being comfortable on the red carpet and joining the superhero universe

Subtlety and nuance are often lacking in the current glut of superhero spectaculars, but August cover star Kate Mara was captivated by the challenge of humanizing the quartet of youngsters imbued with wild CGI-ed powers in Fantastic Four. When she met with director Josh Trank—the 31-year-old who helmed the 2012 sci-fi sleeper hit Chronicle—she was intrigued by his description of a different type of comic book film, one where “you do get that exciting, fantastical action-packed thrilling thing,” she says, “but you also get the emotional and very real human part of who these [characters] are. The movie really is about family coming together and what lengths you would go to protect them.”

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Kate Mara

Dress, Valentino. Rings, Jennifer Meyer. (Photo: Nino Muñoz; Styling: Johnny Wujek)