T-Swift’s Shady Vid + All the Other Drama That Went Down at the VMAs

Did Taylor Swift go too far with her latest jab??

Taylor Swift on stage in a black dress

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Is there anything shadier than dropping the vid for your revenge track during an awards show that your known enemy is hosting and that you didn’t even bother to attend?

Ask Taylor Swift.

During Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards hosted by Katy Perry, petty pop star Swift debuted the music video for her latest song, “Look What You Made Me Do,” and it was FILLED with burns. While we already speculated who Swift would go after in her upcoming album, her latest vid makes some not-so-subtle jabs at her list of enemies, but this time she might have taken things too far.

In one particular scene of the vid, Swift is shown bathing in a tub of diamond jewelry and money, and people are claiming it’s a reference to Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery last year. Ugh, not cool. While obvs Swift hasn’t commented on that speculation yet, it’s a known fact that she’s not on good terms with Kardashian. If this is a jab at the traumatic time Kardashian was held and robbed at gunpoint, we are not here for it.

Another person she tossed shade at in the vid? Ex-bf Calvin Harris. During the opening scene, Swift is a zombie crawling through a graveyard where a tombstone reads “Nils Sjoberg”—the pseudonym she used on the writing credits for Harris’s track, “This Is What You Came For.” Is she saying she killed Sjoberg or Harris did? Either way, he’s apparently dead, just like the old Swift is.

In a p. obvious dig, Swift is shown dressed up like Perry and crashes a car that looks very similar to the one Perry drove in her music video for “Walking Up In Vegas.” We get it Swift; you want Perry’s career to crash. *rolling eyes emoji*

A few frames from Taylor Swift's new song, "Look What You Made Do" when she crashes a car.

Watch Taylor’s new video in full below.

Sadly, Swift wasn’t the only one throwing stones at the VMAs last night. Here, four other moments of serious shade at the awards show.

When Jack Antonoff gave no effs and ate a banana during Katy Perry’s speech 

Singer/songwriter Jack Antonoff—a.k.a. the frontman of Bleachers and Lena Dunham’s bf—had no shame chowing down in the middle of Perry’s boring opening monologue. Was he just hungry, or was he dissing the pop star host? As a friend and frequent collaborator of Swift’s, Antonoff defs knows how serious the beef is between Swift and Perry. He even worked on Swift’s latest revenge track, “Look What You Made Me Do.” We’re calling serious shade.

A GIF of Jack Antonoff eating a banana

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When a “fifth” Fifth Harmony member “fell” off stage 

In one of the shadiest moments of the night, a mysterious fifth performer fell backwards off the stage while the remaining four members of Fifth Harmony started their hit track “Angel.” The internet was quick to call out the girl group for deliberately dissing ex-member Camila Cabello, who famously left the band to start a solo career. This is next level shade.

A GIF of Fifth Harmony performing and a un-shown member falling ogg stage

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When Katy Perry dissed Justin Bieber while carrying a faux baby

If you could get past the WTF moment that was Perry carrying a baby doll strapped to her chest à la The Hangover, you might have caught the shade she threw at Justin Bieber. Calling her fake infant “social media savvy,” she said her baby loves pictures of itself, sits in designer handbags, speaks several languages and “knows all the lyrics to ‘Despacito’—unlike some other babies I know.” K, that was DEFO a jab at Bieber for the many times he forgot the lyrics to the song.

VMA host Katy Perry holding a fake baby on stage

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When Remy Ma sarcastically shouted out to Nicki Minaj 

The feud between rapper Remy Ma and hip hop star Nicki Minaj goes back a looooong time, but to summarize: the two are still not friends. While chatting with pre-show host Terrence J, Remy Ma used her throw to commercial break to call out Minaj. “The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards are back in two minutes,” she said. “Nicki, what’s good?” The “what’s good” line was a reference to Minaj’s 2015 VMAs acceptance speech, where she called out Miley Cyrus for her earlier criticism and said: “And now back to this b-tch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press—Miley, what’s good?”

Can’t we all be friends??

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