Unpacking Selena Gomez's Revival Tour Style Switch

We're getting to the bottom of the multihyphenate talent's recent style shift.

Selena Gomez is almost halfway through her worldwide Revival Tour, her second ever solo concert tour, and has continued to move away from her v wholesome image curated by Disney by wearing less and singing more suggestively than ever before. And we’re all for it: you do you, Selena. But recently, she traded in her sparkly bodysuits for a much more conservative on-stage outfit, and our only question was, well, why?

Thank you, Ohio! #RevivalTour

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Above: one of Selena’s on-stage looks during the North American part of the tour.

Turns out, the youth wing of a Malaysian political party had some choice words about Gomez’s go-to looks, basically saying that she should be banned from the country because of the sexual nature of her performances during a holy month for Malay Muslims. The country’s history of banning huge stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Madonna for religious reasons meant that the threat of cancelling her show was real, but the chief minister of Selangor cleared the air, saying the show must go on since “[s]exiness is God’s creation and subjective.” (Which is now one of our fave quotes ever, btw.)

Still, Selena clearly took the concerns to heart because at her first show in Indonesia on July 23, she announced to the audience that she would make a point of covering up while in Asia.

True to her word, when Selena arrived at her show in Shah Alam, Malaysia, she was covered up from head to toe. The stylish black turtleneck, full length silk pants, closed-toe heels and retro shades left very little skin showing when the star took the stage on Monday night.


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We are definitely digging this Rhythm Nation throwback look, and love the fact that Gomez is making a point of respecting religious views while she visits various countries around the world. We’ll def be keeping our eyes on her Insta feed for the next little while to see how Selena’s wardrobe choices shift when she moves on to the next leg of her tour.

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