Twilight Fans Camp Out Days Before the Red Carpet Premiere

Some Twihards have been camping out since last Thursday.

Photot via Nokia Theatre Twitter

Devoted Twilight fans from around world have collectively erected their tents for the last time in anticipation for tonight’s red carpet premiere of The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Some Twihards set up camp in front of L.A.’s Nokia Theatre as early as last Thursday, days before the final premiere.

From the pictures we’ve seen, the tent city is like the tween version Occupy Wall Street, except it’s Robert Pattinson’s face, not 99% slogans, blanketing the area, as well as a serious lack of bongo drums.

Summit Entertainment, which owns the Twilight franchise, had to lay some ground rules to protect the devoted fan base from overzealous fans. As per the rules, campers who had been selected via draw couldn’t claim their spots before Thursday. Fans are also not allowed to cook in or around the camp and are subjected to fines if they litter.

Assuming moms are offering regular food deliveries (or are in the camp with them), we do wonder what else is going on in Occupy Twilight. Swapping merch? Debating the relative merits of the Volturi or Stephanie Meyers’ werewolf revelation from the last book? Inquiring minds want to know!