Twerk off: J.Lo vs. Nicki Minaj! Whose NSFW Video is Better?

Two icons of buxom buttdom shake their moneymakers in the new singles “Booty” and “Anaconda.” Here, FLARE debates who booty pops the best

Backup dancers from J.Lo's "Booty" video

Backup dancers from J.Lo’s “Booty” video

You may have noticed big butts are having a moment again. There’s Jen Selter’s and Rihanna’s Instagram feeds, and Iggy Azaela’s and Beyonce’s pantless stage romps, plus two new rear-themed videos: the NSFW “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj and a tamer teaser called “Booty” by Jennifer Lopez, which dropped earlier this summer. Here, FLARE staffers ask, Who twerks it better?

Matthew Biehl, editorial coordinator: Say what you will about Minaj’s allegedly enhanced behind, but the woman is a seriously versatile twerker—standing up, laying on her stomach, perched against a bannister in the jungle, on Drake’s lap—she can shake a cheek in every position. And that Drake lap-dance at the end?  He teased pictures of it over Instagram a few days ago, alluding to his own anaconda. Then, coincidentally (or not), was seen out with Rihanna, after the two had been on a months-long hiatus. A woman—and booty—that can make Rihanna jealous? I don’t see J.Lo pulling that off.

Rachel Heinrichs, senior editor: Can we just pause for a moment on the incredible fact that J.Lo is 45. 45! My behind wasn’t that high and tight when I was 15. She wins for her magical ratio of age-to-tautness alone. Plus, she booty pops like a lady. Unlike Minaj in her various stringy things, Lopez opts for tasteful printed tights and sequined hot pants. As for Drake? J.Lo is newly single. Just saying.