Recap:House of Cards Season 2, Episode 2

Welcome to Flare magazine’s House of Cards recaps. We’ll go over an episode of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning season twice a week. Here’s our recap of this season’s second episode. Spoilers ahead, do not continue if you haven’t seen Season 2, Episode 2.

hoc_ps2_019_h The second episode opens with Frank’s VP swearing-in ceremony. Rachel Maddow isn’t really impressed with Frank. The ceremony occurs at the Underwood home while it’s in the middle of being fitted with state of the art security.

Tusk is back in town to consult with President Walker over China’s cyber-attacks against the U.S. Frank initially appears to support Tusk in his presence, but he later tells the president to make his own decision on how to proceed. On the subject of cyber stuff, looks like Lucas will venture into the deep web and hack into Frank’s cellphone records to uncover the truth about Zoe’s death.

Walker has Frank attend a medal ceremony, one of the honourees at which dated Claire “for five seconds” in college. Claire confesses that it was General McGinnis who had raped her when she was a freshman. Claire talks an angry Frank down from confronting McGinnis at the ceremony. We doubt Frank will let this go—the army general will eventually pay for what he did. Did the writers do this to make Claire more sympathetic after her vile behaviour towards Gillian and her cold reaction to Zoe’s planned and later executed death?

Meanwhile, the rest of the plot had to do with Jackie, whom Frank has selected to be his congressional replacement. In order to ascent politically, Jackie has to make some ruthless moves. The first will be outing Ted, her family friend and mentor, who fathered a secret daughter with his sons’ nanny. When Ted calls out Jackie’s morals, she deflects and calls out his: how he could continue after all these years keep mum about his daughter’s name and very existence? As if paying for her cerebral palsy treatment made up for it.

Back to Lucas: we don’t buy that his grief wouldn’t allow him (or even the police) to question what Zoe was doing standing behind a construction area on the subway platform or if they could check other surveillance footage to see if she was alone. Surveillance is a key theme this season, as it becomes clear that Frank is losing all of his privacy. No doubt he took care of his Zoe problem before being sworn in … but just how far in advance did he (and Claire?) plan for Zoe’s death?

By: Jeevan Brar